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Amazing, fascinating, intriguing, chaotic, are just some of the adjectives which spring to mind when trying to describe Indonesia.

With some 17.000 islands, of which only about 9.000 are inhabited, I feel it would take more than a lifetime to thoroughly explore this exhilarating country.

I have lived here for the last few years, first in Northern Sulawesi, now in Bali, and there isn’t a day when this country does not spring a surprise on me. I have visited Flores and the Maluku Islands, and am planning a trip to Southern Sulawesi, as well as Sumatra, next year.

The food is delicious, spicy, and varied. Unfortunately fresh herbs are not as frequently used as in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. There is also one thing about eating at warungs, as well as at many/most restaurants, which I really dislike – it’s the large quantities of MSG used in every-day cooking. It is normal to use MSG instead of salt when seasoning food, yuk! And even restaurants which advertise “No MSG” more likely than not, use condiments, such as oyster sauce, which contain MSG.

People are very friendly, and usually quite tolerant of  Western tourists and expats. However, it pays to be aware of local customs and traditions, to avoid being hurtful or insulting.

Bali is where I live, and all the photos for sale were taken here.

For detailed information about Bali check out my website http://www.baliinformation.net